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Care Sheets

Care Sheets
Our very basic care sheet is available for download in Australian and American English. Please refer to our Crab Care section for more thorough explanations.


If quoting any text from this website, please reference back to our page with a hyperlink. Do not copy any images without the original photographer's permission.


How should I move my hermit crabs from one house to another?

It stresses hermit crabs to move them from one house to another, so it is not recommended that you transport your hermit crabs between different houses frequently. In such cases, you should assign a crabsitter to look after your hermit crabs when you are away or put them up for adoption. If you must take your hermit crabs with you to a different home, you can transport them in their main tank or isolation tank. If you are unable to carry a tank with you, consider holding your hermit crabs in a small plastic container with moss. Moss is an ideal medium as it is edible and helps keep the humidity levels inside the container up. You can use your own body heat to keep the container warm or you can use a heat pack. You may also want to put a snack inside the container with your hermit crabs in case they do not want to eat the moss.

Will Australia Post allow hermit crabs in the mail?

No, as explained in their Dangerous & Prohibited Goods & Packaging Guide. Australia Post will not allow hermit crabs to be posted from one place to another within Australia. The Australian customs are also likely to confiscate and kill any hermit crabs in the mail that were sent internationally. You will need to transport your hermit crabs yourself or find another mail service to do so if you must.

I purchased hermit crabs online. Will they survive being shipped?

This is irrelevant to crabbers in Australia. You should contact the seller for details about how your hermit crabs will be shipped. Check the seller's feedback. The hermit crabs should be kept warm and humid throughout the journey and arrive in your hands within 36 hours if possible.

How should hermit crabs be packaged to be mailed?

This is irrelevant to crabbers in Australia. Hermit Crab Paradise does not encourage people to send hermit crabs in the mail. However, if you must do so as a last resort, package the hermit crabs with moist hiawatha or sphagnum moss (not sphagnum peak moss) to fill up the interior of plastic container. This way, the hermit crabs will not bounce around during transportation. You may wish to include some food too, but the hermit crabs can eat the moss if they are hungry. It is strongly not recommended to send hermit crabs in the mail during winter even by express post, but again, if you must do so, include a heat pack or similar that will keep the hermit crabs warm until they arrive in the hands of their new owner. Use a cardbox box to cover the plastic container so that the delivery people cannot see what is inside. The plastic container and cardboard box in which the hermit crabs are sent must allow airflow to the hermit crabs so that they do not suffocate or get overheated by the heat pack. This can be achieved by poking holes in the plastic container lid and the cardboard box. Put a noticeable sticker or label on the box with 'FRAGILE'. The hermit crabs should ideally reach their new owner by the next day, if not the day after. Do not mail your hermit crabs on Friday as they will be left unattended (i.e. to die) over the weekend until Monday.
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