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Care Sheets

Care Sheets
Our very basic care sheet is available for download in Australian and American English. Please refer to our Crab Care section for more thorough explanations.


If quoting any text from this website, please reference back to our page with a hyperlink. Do not copy any images without the original photographer's permission.


Welcome to Hermit Crab Paradise! We help land hermit crab owners worldwide to care for their land hermit crabs to the best of their ability. Do you need help with your hermit crabs? Read through our Crab Care section. If you are still unable to find answers to your questions, register to post on our Forums.
[ Submitted by Wai ] Huya (C. variabilis)
In a society where owners are often asked "Are they tasty?", land hermit crabs are one of the most unfortunate animals commonly kept as pets. They are usually marketed as 'low maintenance' by people who are accustomed to removing dead unsold hermit crabs from their tank several times a month. Hermit Crab Paradise aims to make life in captivity for the land crustaceans more comfortable and enjoyable. The key to keeping hermit crabs healthy and alive is to prepare them for successful moults. Crabbers must not underestimate any of the numerous requirements that hermit crabs demand to survive such a life-threatening process.
There are very few published studies about land hermit crabs; none which focus on keeping them as pets. The care information provided by Hermit Crab Paradise has been compiled through case studies, science journals or trial and error by experienced crabbers including Carol Ormes, Kerie (Julia_Crab), Marie (ladybug15057), Stacy (Daethian), Sue (RFCrabs), Vanessa Pike-Russell and Vicki O'Donnell (vckums), who share their care advice with good intentions.