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Care Sheets

Care Sheets
Our very basic care sheet is available for download in Australian and American English. Please refer to our Crab Care section for more thorough explanations.


If quoting any text from this website, please reference back to our page with a hyperlink. Do not copy any images without the original photographer's permission.


How do I know if a hermit crab has moulted?

It is simple to tell whether your hermit crab has moulted. Check out the list of post-moult signs below.
1.  Post-moult hermit crabs will have sharp, black leg tips. These are usually clipped away by poachers to stop hermit crabs from prickling the hands of little children in pet stores. Some poachers even severe a whole section of a wild hermit crab's leg to pull them off whatever they were grabbing onto. If your hermit crab has grown its leg tips back, then it has definitely moulted.
2.  Post-moult hermit crabs tend to be more hairy than before. Over time the hair will wear off until their next moult.
3.  Most hermit crabs do not appear to have grown a lot after their moult, but you can compare their body size with the shell that they are wearing. Does the hermit crab look as though it cannot withdraw as far into its shell? If so, then it has moulted and grown bigger.
4.  Hermit crabs can regenerate missing limbs. For small hermit crabs, it may only take one moult or two to fully regenerate a leg. For large hermit crabs, it make take three or more moults to fully regenerate a leg.

Why is my post-moulter being lethargic?

Some post-moulters will be lethargic for a week or two before they become active again. This behaviour is normal and you should leave the post-moulters alone until they have fully recovered. Offer them plenty of protein and calcium.

What should I do if my post-moulter lost limbs?

Sometimes hermit crabs may experience difficulty shedding a particular leg, so they decide to give up and drop it instead. Try looking for the dropped limbs and throw them out. There is not much else you can do besides keep feeding the post-moulter a nutritious diet and keeping them comfortable. Hermit crabs with missing limbs will moult sooner again than those without missing limbs. If your post-moulter is still active despite missing limbs, you should not need to worry too much. If they continue to be lethargic after several weeks, then you should keep them in an isolation tank in case they moult again soon.
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