Little Bugs

Questions about pests that invade tanks.
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Little Bugs

Post by Zelda »

Can any body help me? I have little bugs crawling around in my tank,they hang around the food dish. :( At first I thought they came from the fruits and stuff, so I quit with that. Then I started using sand. Now I just, for the main food, I use food from the store. I also throw in special treat and remove them in a few hours. I still get these bugs. They come back even after I clean the tank and wash the decorations. These little things don't fly either. I am at my wits end. How can I get rid of these things?....and what are they?
Thanks soooo much :)
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Re: Little Bugs

Post by Wai »

Thoroughly wash everything including your hermit crabs, replace the bedding or buy some Hypoaspis miles mites. If the bugs are harmless, you don't have to do anything really, but if you have a slight phobia of insects like I do, you'd want to get rid of them all as soon as possible.

Read through this page again.
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