New Substrate Washing

Questions about choosing and cleaning substrates.
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New Substrate Washing

Post by crabsandhounds »

Hello all.

I am very new to the forums and about to get the first 2 crabs today for my sons 10th birthday today. I have been reading the forums and crab care to find this answer but didn’t see it anywhere.

I purchased the bag of playsand from Bunnings yesterday and washed until it ran clean under the tap outside. Was I mean to wash it with saltwater? .. does it need to be dried in the oven?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: New Substrate Washing

Post by aussieJJDude »

With washing, I'd worry about contamination of heavy metals and chloramine from the tap water - especially if sourced from local city water. I've never washed my sand, and just add it straight into the tank from the bag.

You'll probably want to dry it out in some way, as washing the sand would mean its a little too moist and not be sand castle consistency.
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