Abdomen Ripped Off?

Questions about suspected deaths.
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Abdomen Ripped Off?

Post by CanadianChris »

We brought home a new hermit crab today (have 3 others) and the little guy clung onto my wife's finger with it's big pincer. One thing lead to another and the poor thing came out of it's shell, but it's abdomen was left in its shell.

Is there anything we can do at this point to try and save it? Or is it going to die regardless or anything we can do?
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Re: Abdomen Ripped Off?

Post by ladybug15057 »

When he gripped your wife's finger, was he pulled in attempts to get him off of her? If this ever happens again, lay your hand down flat and still. When the hermie no longer has the fear of falling he will let go and walk off.
If attempting to hold a hermie, hold the palm flat and tight away from the fingers.
And I am sorry to say, a hermie cannot live without its abdomen. :(
Marie (aka ladybug15057)

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