Inactive hermies

Questions about very inactive hermit crabs on the surface.
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Inactive hermies

Post by Beenzsouflee »

Hello my names Heather and I'm new here. I just got some hermies for my daughter and I want to make sure they are happy and healthy. I haven't noticed them eating or drinking and I've read the tricks about smoothing the sand to see if there are tracks, and I understand they are nocturnal. They have been hiding under the long flat decoration in the back half buried in the sand and I'm concerned that they're not comfortable. Her father bought them painted shells which I refused to give them, so I'm getting some natural shells today as well as some chola wood. Any other tips would be appreciated its breaking my heart thinking that they are uncomfortable in some way. Thanks!

What is the volume of your main tank?
10 gallons

How many hermit crabs do you currently have? How big are they?
2 small hermies about 1 inch big

How long have you had the hermit crab(s) that you are concerned about?
3 days

What substrate or combination of substrates are you using? How deep is it?
1 part coconut fiber to 3 parts plain play sand made wet with salt water its about 4 to 5 inches deep

What do you feed your hermit crabs?
So far I have offered them raw broccoli raw cauliflower peas in pod cucumber carrot grapes tuna and shrimp, I am not using any commercial foods

Do you use distilled, bottled, tap or other types of water?
Conditioned tap water

If you are using a dechlorinator, what brand is it? Does it state to remove all heavy metals, chlorine and chloramines?
Tetra Aqua safe

What brand of sea salt are you using to supply your hermit crabs with salt water?
Jungle aquarium salt

What heat source are you using and where is it positioned?
a small heat mat place on the back lower half of the tank

Have you calibrated your thermometer(s) and hygrometer so that you can interpret accurate readings?
thermometer and hygrometer is in the mail on its way to me

What is the air temperature range and humidity inside the tank?
the tank is kept in a room that's stays between 75 and 80 F I also mist the tank several times a day and the coconut fiber climbing wall in the back of the tank is always kept very moist

What is the highest temperature that the substrate near the heat source reaches?
not sure but they spend most of their time here

Do you have any photos of your tank or hermit crab(s) of concern? If yes, please attach them to your post.
yes pics of my setup are attached
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Re: Inactive hermies

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It's very common for new crabs, especially ones purchased from a chain store, to be inactive for a couple days up to a few weeks after purchase. They go through a lot of stress from being taken off of the beach to the store. I have always seen my new crabs burrow down, even though I refrain from buying from local stores. They do this to relieve stress, some will even molt during this time, which is common.

You said your substrate is wet, it should be mixed with either marine saltwater or regular freshwater, that has been dechlorinated, to make it sand castle consistency. The brand of saltwater that you have listed is incorrect, it will not provide them with proper water for bathing and drinking, that is meant for aquarium fish illnesses. Instead, a lot of people use and recommend, including me, the Instant Ocean or RedSea brand of salt for making saltwater.

The temperature should be at least 78 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, small gradual fluctuations are best through the night time. The humidity should always be at least 80.

I am not seeing images of your crabitat, could you repost them?
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