Do hermit crabs actually hear?

Questions about the body parts of a hermit crab.
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Jaci wrote:i wish crabs could talk. they're so mysterious and there's so much we can learn about them! it's frustrating at times. if they can't hear, it doesn't matter, i still talk to them just the same... *|
Yes, I really agree. I always talk to them, so if they CAN hear, it seems to comfort them.

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Jaci wrote:i'll have to do some research on that. wendy seems to like the orange hut as opposed to the brown one. but lemi and bebe will go into either one. doesn't matter to them. but i'll look it up!
i believe hermit crabs can see color because they seem to prefer more ''colorful'' things in my crabitat weird right? One of there favorites is the lego hut! It is completely rainbow!
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Re: Do hermit crabs actually hear?

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I absolutely belive that they can see in colour.
When I bought my brown log on it, and the crabs always try to climb on the log, so I think they have some colour vision at least, because why do they climb down below the ferns, then try to climb on the log, right?
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