Classroom setup

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Classroom setup

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So, here is my situation, I am a first-grade teacher in Utah. I went into our local pet store to find out about invertebrates for my students to study for science. I used worms this year and the kids did not really take to them. The owner said he would give me a tank kit and as many hermit crabs as I would take (the tank is 10 g.) Apparently, he has too many as anyone can tell by his tank setup. I figured if I took some they would definitely have a better quality of life than they do now. I left with the kit and told him I would be back later this week for the crabs. Here is what is in the kit- 10g Terrarium with sliding screen top, 5lb Vita-Sand, Hermit crab soil
Hermit crab mineral blocks, Combo Repti-Rock water, and food dishes, Hermit Crab care guide, Hermit crab water conditioner, Hermit crab salt water conditioner, Hermit crab food. I am planning on buying a 2nd habitat for my house during breaks and expanding their habitat throughout the year. Now I know these kits don't really have everything you need for a thriving and happy pet so this is where I will need your help. I would like to be able to have my students really learn from these amazing creatures (more than just they don't have a backbone.) I think it would be a good lesson on quality of life, needs vs. wants, adaptation, habitat (ecosystem), nocturnal, etc. The possibilities are endless. I also think it would be a good lesson on the difference between caring for our class goldfish, plants, and now Hermit Crabs. So here come the questions.
1. How many crabs can I rescue and still ensure they would thrive well in a 10 G. tank?
2. What else do I need to purchase to make sure their needs are met?
3. What lessons and ideas does anyone want to share.

This is going to happen so please be kind. :D
Thank you in advance
Mrs. McCarty
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Re: Classroom setup

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I do not recommend keeping more than four small crabs, or two medium crabs in a ten gallon tank. Eventually, they will need an upgrade as they molt and grow bigger, but you can keep anywhere from two to four small crabs (size of a ping pong ball) in a ten gallon for a good while.

You'll need all the basics and essentials to keeping hermit crabs healthy. There is a helpful link for the crab care page on this website, and here is the link.
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