How long can crabs survive with little airflow?

Questions about tank size and isolation tanks.
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How long can crabs survive with little airflow?

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Hi everybody, I just had a crab die on me and was unsure if it's due to oxygen levels in the tank or any other factors.

My tank isnt completely sealed and has some very small gaps for air but not open air either. For about 2 days, the lid has been on for humidity and when we came back from our trip one of them died (medium sized one).

The other 2 are fine though (a smaller and a larger one)

I'm trying to determine the cause of death and was wondering if oxygen levels might be the problem? Humidity and temperature levels were fine.

How long can hermit crabs survive on a completely sealed tank? (For comparison purposes).
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Re: How long can crabs survive with little airflow?

Post by Wai »

I doubt it is due to oxygen; otherwise the other two probably would have perished too. It may have been due to pre-existing stress. Can you please answer the following questions?

What is the volume of your main tank?

How many hermit crabs do you currently have? How big are they?

How long have you had the hermit crab(s) that you are concerned about?

What substrate or combination of substrates are you using? How deep is it?

What do you feed your hermit crabs?

Do you use distilled, bottled, tap or other types of water?

If you are using a dechlorinator, what brand is it? Does it state to remove all heavy metals, chlorine and chloramines?

What brand of sea salt are you using to supply your hermit crabs with salt water?

What heat source are you using and where is it positioned?

Have you calibrated your thermometer(s) and hygrometer so that you can interpret accurate readings?

What is the air temperature range and humidity inside the tank?

What is the highest temperature that the substrate near the heat source reaches?

Do you have any photos of your tank or hermit crab(s) of concern? If yes, please attach them to your post.
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