Setting up a new tank

Questions about tank size and isolation tanks.
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Setting up a new tank

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I'm looking to get 2 hermies once I can effectively get a tank up and running.

I have a 10 gallon tank, which gives each crab 5 gallons of space (more than the care sheets reccomended 3 gallons each), and it has a mesh lid. Do you think I will need to put plastic underneath this lid to hold in the humidity (was debating purchasing some craft plastic and punching holes into it to fit the lip of my tank so that i can help preserve the humidity)?

I also have a 6x8 heating mat coming in the mail with a built in thermometer (I'm aware a temp of 80-82F is recommended. I also have moss for a moss pit as well as hygrometer/ thermometer and aim to have it set up so as to read the humity of the tank as well as the temperatures in both the hot and cool end (via the 2 thermometers)

I have read ample pages on what to offer for food, being that a variety to include fruits and veggies, oil (coconut oil), cuttle bone, bloodworms, etc etc. and have printed out a booklet on safe foods to vary the diet. I have 3 dishes arriving shortly (2 for water that are 5"x4"x1", and a food dish that is 4"x3"x1")

As far as ornaments for the tank, I have a climbable hide that is 8"x7.5", a reptile hammock to make a second story (shell storage as well, holding off on purchasing shells till i know the size of my hermies), and cuttle bone to put in there too.

For substrate i have a spot scooper and will be using a mix of coconut fiber and cleaned sand.

Is there anything I am missing?
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Re: Setting up a new tank

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It depends on where you live, but covering the mesh lid with plastic will definitely help hold in the humidity. Furthermore, having a heat source typically will deplete the humidity further.
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