Strange hermit crab...

Questions about identifying the differences between species.
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Strange hermit crab...

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My hermit crab worf is a hermit crab ive had for about 6 months he's very active if I move him from his regular spot in his hidey cave but other than that hes very solitary and I've noticed that when I look at him he looks whitish with a faintish purple color on his big claw the other hermies are all common hermit crabs with purple and orange color scheme but he's.... different. is Worf sick or is he a different hermit crab than the others? Again hes very active if I move him from his cave but other than that hes solitary and he looks faintly white with faint purple (especially on his big claw area). Sorry for no picture. does this means my hermie's sick or is it a different hermit crab. I also noticed that when I wet him in the water bowl the colors brighten some. should I bathe him? Any help or medical advice is welcome! Please reply I am pretty worried about him> (P.S. I know this could also go in the crab care area but its a mix of both sorry...) XD XD XD XD
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Re: Strange hermit crab...

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If Worf has a purple claw than he's a purple pincher, the same as your other crabs. However, it sounds like he needs a lot of nutrients to get his coloring back to where it should be. Some foods you should offer to help his color come back up after his next molt:

- Freeze dried plankton/krill/shrimp (or fresh) - find in the fish section of pet stores
- Egg, especially the yolk (cook first)
- Dark leafy greens (spinach, kale, parsley, cilantro)
- Bright fruits and veggies (bell peppers, tomatoes, etc.)

Hope Worf's color gets better after his next molt!
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