Painted shell adopted crabs

Questions about choosing the right shells for your hermit crabs.
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Painted shell adopted crabs

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Bit of an unusual question!
I adopted 3 crabs today after listening to the radio this morning, the hosts decided to have their own race in honour of Melbourne cup day (big horse race in aus fyi). Anyway they thought it would be a good idea to race hermit crabs on the corridor floor one for each of their hosts... I was appalled obviously so I rang and asked what they planned to do with the crabs, they said they had no idea, ended up ringing me back saying I could have them if I wanted. Anyway picked them up this afternoon, they were kept in a Styrofoam box and in cold air con all day... I've put them in my iso tank for the time being, now to my question lol they have painted the crabs shells with a paint pen or something trying to give them "jockey" colours to identify them. The paint won't wash off... Is it going to be a problem putting them in with my other crabs in the main tank? I've given them some shells so was kind of hoping they would switch but no luck so far. The thing is I'm going away in a couple of weeks and they are getting crab sat but maintaining two tanks might complicate things! Advice appreciated.
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Re: Painted shell adopted crabs

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I suggest placing the crabs in the ISO until they change shells.... :) I wouldn't trust the paint however hermit crab usually come with painted shells, so might be safe... if anything unusual happens, take them out....
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