High humidity, low heat?

Questions about temperature and humidity.
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High humidity, low heat?

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Hi all!

We’re new to the hermit crab game (and honestly I had no idea how much was involved - but we’re giving this our best!)

We just brought home 2 little guys from the beach. I set them up in a 10 gallon tank with both salt & freshwater pool, sand & soil substrate, and a bunch of sphagnum moss on one side.

The problem I’m having is the humidity is almost TOO high, but the heat is too low! I bought a hermit crab heat pad and placed it on one side of the tank (where the moss is) to help the humidity, but I’m not sure how I can make it warmer while bringing down the humidity a bit.

My gauges are reading 90% humidity and 72 degrees F.

Another thing that probably doesn’t help is the lid situation. I bought the tank and the accompanying glass lid, came home, set up the crabitat and then realized I’m missing 2 crucial brackets to attach the lid - so I’m waiting for those to arrive in the mail. In the meantime, I’m using the cardboard lid that came with the tank. Could this be hurting both my heat and humidity situation?

Appreciate any advice you have! The hermies seen happy for now, but they bury deep during the day - I’m worried they’re cold!

Thanks all!
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Re: High humidity, low heat?

Post by Wai »

If you add a heat source to the tank, that should increase the temperature and reduce the humidity.
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