Activated Charcoal Filter??

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Activated Charcoal Filter??

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Hello! I am setting up a hermit Crabitat for my 16 yr old sisters birthday present and am trying to provide an optimum and easily cleanable habitat for 2 small Hermies. I have never had crabs before and promised to get her one still thinking they could live how the pet shop sells them, and after researching and becoming horrified at the mis-knowledge and abuse of these awesome little guys, I want to set up a super habitat and rescue two little dudes from my local pet shop from suffocating. My main question is, Does activated charcoal harm hermit crabs and would it beneficial to their pools to include the same DIY fishbowl filter I have in my guppy bowl? it is a clean 1oz sauce container with alternating polyfil/sponge/activated carbon pieces with an airstone inside and hole in the bottom/lid. I would think this would help with the bacteria and any toxins as well as the smell of the enclosure and frequency of water changes, BUT I can find NO info on whether or not it may harm land hermit crabs? Please help!! Also any other Care Tips to make cleaning the tank/ water easier, feeding tips, etc are super appreciated! I bought her a care book but I also want to be able to give her advice from veteran owners. Thank you so much!
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Re: Activated Charcoal Filter??

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Activated charcoal is fine, but i wouldnt add it. It requires constant replacement, and depending on the body of water and what not can last anywhere between a week to a month before you need to throw it out and replace. IMO, a nice sponge filter would be the way to go, they dont require constant replacing.
I would like to mention, since you have fish, that you also familarise yourself with the ammonia cycle. until the filter is established, daily water changes are still advised. What i would suggest is run the filter of the crabitat in your fish tank for a couple of weeks and then place it in the tank, where it would be established.
A dedicated aquarist here, and if i was to do any chemical filtration i would use purigen, which can be 'reused'.
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