Fuzzy white mold in tank

Questions about decay-causing mould and algae.
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Fuzzy white mold in tank

Post by MegCasey »

While checking on my two hermies today, I noticed some white, fuzzy mold growing on the bottom of the climbing wood I have in the tank. I also noticed some tiny patches of it on the moss substrate in front of the side heater. Normally I would clean the wood and replace the substrate (hopefully with the coconut fiber arriving soon), but both of my crabs have buried themselves right under one of the pieced of wood, and I'm afraid to disrupt them in case they are molting.

Is it okay to leave the mold alone for a few days? Will it be harmful to my hermies if I let it continue growing, or should I get rid of it despite the delicate position the crabs could be in?
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Re: Fuzzy white mold in tank

Post by CrabbyJo »

Even though a crab is just below the wood, I would remove it. Also very carefully and gently pull out as much of the molded substrate as you can without disturbing the crab. Unfortunately once there is mold, there are mold spores that will continue to grow, so keep a close eye on it and maybe get some tweezers or something to pick out the molded substrate as more grows so you don't disturb the crab below.

If the crab was using the wood as a hard surface to be buried below, you might find a dish or something else that you could replace it with. Hopefully after the initial disturbance he will decide to relocate, or he will just hunker down and ride it out. :)
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